Book of Mormon As

Read the descriptions below, then match the description with the appropriate Book of Mormon person whose name begins with A. If you need help, read the scriptures in the parentheses.

___1. The leader of King Noah’s wicked priests, he found favor with the Lamanites and, as a result, ruled over Alma’s people and threatened to put them to death if they prayed to God. (See Mosiah 23:32; Mosiah 24:11.)

___2. This Lamanite, a servant of King Lamoni, was converted because of a “remarkable vision of her father.” (See Alma 19:16.)

___3. This Nephite who lived in Ammonihah had a vision in which an angel told him to welcome Alma into his house. He later became Alma’s missionary companion. (See Alma 8:20–21, 30.)

___4. A keeper of the sacred records in about 322 A.D., this man hid the records, then told Mormon where to find them and what he should write on them. (See Mormon 1:2–4 [Morm. 1:2–4].)

___5. One of King Noah’s priests, this person believed Abinadi’s message. King Noah tried to have him killed. Later he baptized Christ’s followers in the Waters of Mormon. (See Mosiah 17:2–4; Mosiah 18:7–10, 14–16.)

___6. After being made their king, this man and his followers separated themselves from the Nephites, marked themselves by placing red on their foreheads, and fought with the Lamanites against the Nephites. (See Alma 2:7–10, 27–28; Alma 3:4.)

___7. A missionary son of King Mosiah, he gained favor with King Lamoni when he saved the king’s flocks from some wicked Lamanites. (See Alma 17:27, 36–39.)

___8. This Nephite record keeper lived and wrote during the reign of King Mosiah and his son King Benjamin. (See Omni 1:12, 23–25.)

___9. After teaching the gospel and prophesying of the destruction of wicked King Noah and his people, this prophet was imprisoned and eventually put to death by fire. (See Mosiah 12:9, 17; Mosiah 17:20.)

___10. This man tried to destroy the church, was struck dumb by an angel, and repented. Later he became a high priest and served as first chief judge of the Nephites. (See Mosiah 27:8–11, 19, 23–24; Mosiah 29:42.)

a. Abinadi

f. Amlici

b. Abish

g. Ammaron

c. Alma the Elder

h. Ammon

d. Alma the Younger

i. Amulek

e. Amaleki

j. Amulon


[illustration] Illustrated by Jerry Thompson

(1) j, (2) b, (3) i, (4) g, (5) c, (6) f, (7) h, (8) e, (9) a, (10) d.

Family Treasure

To play this game as an activity for family home evening, cut out the clues. Change any clues that don’t work for your home. Keep Clue #1. Hide the rest of the clues as follows:

Clue #2 on a bookshelf

Clue #3 by a set of scriptures

Clue #4 on a piano or in a songbook

Clue #5 where you meet for family home evening

Clue #6 by the television set

Clue #7 near suitcases or backpacks used on vacations

Clue #8 with cleaning or gardening supplies

Clue #9 where family prayer is held

Clue #10 where games are kept

Hide a treasure on the dining table, in the refrigerator, or in a turned-off oven. The treasure could be a treat, like the “Tuna Spaceship” or the “Zippy Fruit Salad” found on page 47.

When you’re ready to begin the game, give your family the first clue and let them begin the hunt. If they have trouble finding a clue, give them a hint.

Clue 1 A family that reads together has fun learning together.

Clue 2 A family that searches the scriptures together learns how to become an eternal family.

Clue 3 The family that sings together feels close to each other.

Clue 4 The family that has family home evening together grows together.

Clue 5 Watching good television programs together can be fun family entertainment.

Clue 6 Going on a vacation can bring a family closer together.

Clue 7 A family that works together gains respect and love for one another.

Clue 8 A family that prays together feels close to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

Clue 9 A family that plays together learns to love being together.

Clue 10 A family that has meals together gets to know each other.