The Wedding in Cana

Chapter 12
Not enough wine at the wedding

Jesus Christ and His disciples attended a wedding feast in Cana. Mary, Jesus’ mother, was there. During the feast, she came to Jesus and told Him that there was no more wine to serve the guests. John 2:1–3

Jesus loved his mother

Jesus respected and loved His mother. He todl her the He would do what she wanted Him to do. John 2:4

The servants did what Jesus said

Mary told the servants to do whatever He asked them to do. John 2:5

Jesus turned water to wine

Jesus told the servants to fill six large stone jars with water. Each jar held between eighteen and twenty-seven gallons. He then miraculously turned the water to wine. John 2:6–7

Wine taken to the person in charge

He told the servants to take wine from the jars and serve it to the person in charge of the feast. John 2:8

It was the best wine

The ruler of the feast did not know where the wine had come from. He was surprised when he drank it. The best wine was usually served at the beginning of a feast, but this time, the best wine was served last. John 2:9–10

This was Jesus' first recorded miracle

Jesus did this miracle to help His mother. It is the first recorded miracle that He performed during His life on earth.

Jesus respected and loved His mother. He told her that He would do what she wanted Him to do. JST, John 2:4

[illustrations] Illustrated by Robert T. Barrett