Making Friends:

Colin, Padhraig, Cathal, and Cillian Brophy of Dublin, Ireland

Written by Julie Wardell

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Colin (11), Padhraig (10), Cathal (7), and Cillian (6) cherish the memories of attending the open house and the dedication of the Preston England Temple with their father (Jarlath) and mother (Róisin). Each boy was impressed to see the large baptismal font and the twelve oxen holding it, as well as the beautiful chandeliers.

To arrive in time for the dedication of the temple, the family had to get up very early in the morning and drive to the ferry port. After waiting in line, their father drove them onto the passenger/car ferry. Once on the ferry, they got out of the car, went to the upper decks, and traveled over three hours before arriving in Wales. Then they drove off the ferry and rode for another two hours to the temple. Everyone agreed that their long journey was well worth it.

The Brophy family attends the Fingnas Ward of the Dublin Ireland Stake. Brother Brophy serves as bishop of the ward and as Regional Welfare Agent. Sister Brophy is a Relief Society counselor and the Gospel Doctrine teacher.

The children enjoy their Primary classes. Cillian looks forward to playing games in Sharing Time. Cathal has been preparing for his baptism. He eagerly stated, “I already have my baptismal clothes. And my dad has shown me the right way to stand in the water before being baptized.” Padhraig is enjoying the scripture lessons in his Primary class. Colin has been diligently working to complete his Gospel in Action award. The boys’ three-year-old sister, Una, really likes being a Sunbeam.

Each of the boys happily raises his voice in song during Sacrament meeting and Primary singing time. Cillian likes to sing “The Chapel Doors”; Colin, “Hum Your Favorite Hymn.”

Singing is a talent that all four boys are proud to share with others. They belong to a community choir and often perform at community events, hotels, and shopping centers, especially during the holidays.

Family prayer and family home evening are important parts of the Brophys’ lives. Cathal likes lessons on Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. Everyone’s most memorable lesson was on the family and temple blessings. After building a long paper chain, they learned that their family was connected together here on earth as well as in heaven.

Though none of them finds doing chores enjoyable, each knows that it is a valuable and necessary service for the family. Cathal and Cillian take turns setting and clearing the table, tidying the front half of the front room, and matching socks. They also keep the bedroom they share together neat and clean. The chores Padhraig and Colin share are vacuuming, sweeping, unloading the dishwasher, tidying the back half of the front room, and taking out the rubbish for the bin man (garbage collector). They help keep the bedroom they share together neat and clean, too.

Colin and Padhraig each have their own paper round (route). They either walk or ride a bike to deliver the newspapers. The boys are learning to budget their paychecks. After paying their tithing, each boy contributes to his own missionary fund. Padhraig is also saving his money to buy a white rabbit, and Colin is saving to buy a new bicycle.

The children agree that their favourite activity is swimming. “I like to put on my togs (swimsuit) and be in the water, any kind of water, even on a cold day—the ocean, a swimming pool, or even the bathtub!” declared Padhraig, and everyone agreed.

Each boy has individual interests, as well. Breeding gerbils, attending Cub Scouts, earning merit badges, and bike riding are what Colin prefers doing. Padhraig surfboards, plays football (soccer), and does computer games. Cathal likes to play with friends, help Una ride her bike, and watch cartoons. And Cillian enjoys attending school and riding his bike in the green (a city park).

Since the Brophy brothers are the only members of the Church in their school, they try to set a good example. “We don’t swear, fight, or spit,” Colin explained. “Even if someone teases us, we don’t get in fights.”

In school, Colin likes to work on the computer, play football with his friends, do artwork, and study nature. Padhraig isn’t fond of school, but he does enjoy studying English, math, and handwriting. Cathal thinks reading and math are OK. Cillian likes to learn any subject at school, especially math and reading.

When Padhraig grows up, he hopes to be a missionary first and then a professional singer. The other boys aren’t quite sure what they want to do when they grow up but agree with Padhraig—they want to be missionaries first.

Photographed by Julie Wardell

The Brophy family. (Background) Preston England Temple

Colin proudly wears his Cub Scout uniform.

The gerbils race in and out of the toy bus.

Una riding her bike

Padhraig delivering a newspaper to a customer’s letter box

Roller-blading is fun for Cathal.

Cillian, Padhraig, and Colin enjoy riding bikes in the green (park).

The family home

Zeet, the pet parakeet, sits on Cillian’s shoulder.