Trying to Be Like Jesus Christ

By Nathan Jewkes, age 9

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My Decision to Keep the Sabbath Day Holy

Observe the Sabbath day to keep it holy (D&C 68:29).

I’m going to tell you about the time I was chosen to be on the Belchertown, Massachusetts, all-star basketball team. Basketball season had just ended, and my team had been fantastic! We’d lost only one game and won ten! The best players among all the teams were chosen for the all-star team by the recreational department.

When I was told that they wanted me to be an all-star, I was so excited that I couldn’t believe it! Then they said that most of the games were on Sundays but were scheduled for the afternoons so that people could go to church in the mornings.

My parents said that I could make the decision whether or not to be on the all-star team, but they reminded me of our family goal to follow the prophet. I knew that President Hinckley would expect me to make the right decision and keep the Sabbath Day holy. I called the recreation department and thanked them for asking me to be on the all-star team, then told them that I wasn’t going to play on Sundays because of my religious beliefs.

I really wanted to be on the all-star team and was so disappointed that the games were on Sunday. But I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are happy with me, and I know that I did make the right choice.

Grocery Shopping

Help me with others my blessings to share (Children’s Songbook, page 22).

I like to go grocery shopping with my mom because our grocery store has little shopping carts for children. One day, we went to the store and there were only two little carts left. My little sister and I each took one. As we went into the store, a little boy and his parents arrived. The boy began crying because there were no little carts left. I thought, What would Jesus do? Even though I wanted to push the cart, I gave mine to the boy. He felt happy, and so did I!

“I Dare You!”

Stand by your conscience, your honor, your faith (Children’s Songbook, page 158).

It was dismissal time at school. I got in line with all the other bikers and walkers. A timid boy from my class was in front of me, and a group of tough boys was behind me. A rude boy from my class was with them. He was always starting trouble. He told me, “I dare you to do this.” He made a rude gesture with his hands over the timid boy’s head. The other boys in his group giggled and whispered and began to taunt me, “Go on. Do it. Are you chicken?”

The timid boy begged me to not do it. I remembered learning “Dare to Do Right” * in Primary. The Primary leaders had told us that if we ever had the chance, we should dare someone to do right. So I told the rude boy, “No—but I dare you to do something.” I knew that he would do almost anything anyone dared him to do. I told him, “I dare you to do right.”

He slowed to a stop, puzzled. Finally he sneered weakly at me and moved on. The timid boy tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Thanks for not doing that.” I smiled, realizing that I had not only made myself feel good but had made the timid boy have a better day. When I told my family what had happened, my parents told me that they were proud of me. That night I still felt good, like a light shining in darkness.

  •   *

    Children’s Songbook, page 158.

  • Money in the Pool

    We believe in being honest (A of F 1:13).

    This summer, for our Hatch family reunion, we went swimming at Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. I was swimming with Grandpa when I saw two paper bills at the bottom of the pool. I couldn’t reach them, so Grandpa got them for me. He asked me if we should try to find the owner. He didn’t tell me how much money it was. He said that the amount shouldn’t change our minds about what to do. I wanted to keep the money, but I knew what was right, so I told Grandpa to find the owner.

    He announced over the loudspeaker that whoever identified the money would have it returned. Several kids said that they had lost money, but none of them knew the right amount. Then a man said that he had lost thirty-three dollars—a twenty-dollar bill, a ten-dollar bill, and three one-dollar bills. Grandpa told him that I had found the twenty- and ten-dollar bills and gave them to him. The man was really grateful to have his money back—it was all that he had with him. I felt so good! I just wished that I had found his other three dollars, too.

    Scary Choice

    Give heed unto all [the prophet’s] words … ; For his word ye shall receive, as if from mine own mouth (D&C 21:4–5).

    I like scary movies. When a certain scary movie came out, I was really sad because it was the kind of movie that the prophet had said not to watch. I had promised myself and Heavenly Father that I would follow the prophet and not watch such movies. Then I had a chance to watch it. I remembered my promise and didn’t watch it, though it was hard not to. But it was worth it. I know that I will get many blessings for not watching that kind of movie. I’m choosing while I’m young to not watch any bad movies, and so it won’t be hard for me when I am older. It makes me feel good inside when I make right choices.