Our prophets tell us what Heavenly Father wants us to know and do. To help you and your family learn the words to the hymn “We Listen to a Prophet’s Voice” (Hymns, no. 22), use the pulpit and the picture strips on these two pages.

  1. Carefully remove pages 24 and 25 from the magazine and glue them to a heavier piece of paper or poster board. Cut out the pulpit and the picture strips.

    President Gordon B. Hinckley
  2. Glue Tab 1 from the first picture strip under the Verse 2 tab of the second picture strip, then glue Tab 2 from the second strip under the Verse 3 tab of the third picture strip.

  3. Cut along the dotted lines on the front of the pulpit, and insert the picture strip starting with the picture of Jesus Christ (see illustration).

  4. Pull the picture strip slowly through the slits from right to left as you learn the words to the song. Each line of the song corresponds with one picture.

We Listen to a Prophet’s Voice*

Verse 1

We listen to a prophet’s voice and hear the Savior too.

With love he bids us do the work the Lord would have us do.

The Savior calls his chosen seer to preach the word of God,

That men might learn to find the path marked by the iron rod.

Verse 2

In ev’ry land, in ev’ry tongue, our prophet will be heard;

How swiftly round the world his voice reveals the gospel word!

The sacred message that he brings will witness and agree

With ev’ry prophet called of God throughout earth’s history.

Verse 3

Hosanna! Let our praise ascend unto the Savior’s throne;

Rejoice! The prophet has confirmed that by Him we are known.

Attend, ye earth! The prophet speaks; come listen and obey.

He is the man who holds the keys of priesthood pow’r today.

Verse 1


tab 1


Painting by Del Parson


Painting by Larry Winborg

Photo by Craig Dimond


Verse 2


tab 2


Photo © Photodisc

Photo © Digital Stock

Photo by Bryant Livingston

Painting by Robert T. Barrett


Verse 3


Painting by Harry Anderson

Painting by Del Parson

Photo by Craig Dimond


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  • Words by Marylou Cunningham Leavitt