Angry People in Nazareth

Chapter 17
Jesus in Nazareth

Jesus went to Nazareth, the city where He had grown up. Luke 4:16

Jesus read in a synagogue

He went to a synagogue (where Jews go to church) and stood up and read from the scriptures. He read what the prophet Isaiah wrote—that the Savior would come to earth and help all people. Luke 4:16–19

After reading, the Jews looked at Jesus

When Jesus sat down after reading Isaiah’s words, the other Jews looked at Him. Luke 4:19–20

They didn't believe in Jesus

Jesus said that Isaiah’s words were about Him, that He was the Savior. The people wondered at His words. They said, “Is not this Joseph’s son?” They did not believe that He was the Son of God. Luke 4:21–22

Jesus didn't do a miracle because the people didn't have faith

The Savior knew what they were thinking. He knew that they wanted Him to perform a miracle. But Jesus told them that He would not do miracles for people who did not have faith. Luke 4:23–27

The people wanted to kill Jesus

Angry, the people took Him to the top of a hill and wanted to throw Him off of it. Luke 4:28–29

Jesus walked away

They could not do it. Jesus walked away from them. Luke 4:30

[illustrations] Illustrated by Robert T. Barrett