Jesus taught His disciples (followers) how to pray. He said that some people want others to see them praying. Jesus taught that people should say their personal prayers where they can be alone, if possible. Matt. 6:5–6

Pray sincerely

He said that some people say the same words over and over when they pray. They do not really think about what they are saying. But people should think about what they say. They should pray sincerely for what they need. Matt. 6:7–8

The Lord’s prayer

The Savior said a prayer as an example for His disciples. He began by saying, “Our Father … in heaven.” He thanked Heavenly Father. He asked Heavenly Father for help. He said “amen” at the end of His prayer. Later, Jesus told His disciples to pray in His name. He promised that Heavenly Father would answer their prayers and bless them. Matt. 6:9–13; Matt. 21:22; John 16:23

Illustrated by Paul Mann