CTR Friend

I am Brooke Ellis. When I was six, my dad went over to meet the neighbors, who were just moving in. They had a minivan, and it was filled with kids. He noticed that there was a girl who was just about my age. Her name was Clarissa Shinn. He brought me over to meet her. At first we were kind of shy with each other. But one day while my mom was still at Girls Camp with the Young Women, Clarissa and I were running over to my house and I glanced down and saw something gold and green on her finger. I stopped and so did she, and I noticed it was a CTR ring. I said, “Clarissa, are you LDS?” She said, “Yeah.” I told her that I was, too. I later found out when my mom got home that she had been fasting and praying for a girl my age who was also a Latter-day Saint to move into one of the three houses that were empty in our block. Clarissa and I are still great friends, and I know that Heavenly Father loves me and answers prayers.

Clarissa Shinn and Brooke Ellis, ages 9 and 10
West Lafayette, Indiana

Closer to Heavenly Father

I follow the prophet by reading the scriptures every night before I go to bed. I open them and put my finger on a verse, then read it and think about what it says. When I read the scriptures, I feel closer to Heavenly Father. I know that our prophet shows us the way and guides us so that we can return to live with Heavenly Father.

Nick Brown, age 11
Lead, South Dakota

Prayers for a Baby

When my family and I sat at the table, we always prayed for a baby. We prayed for two years! Finally my baby sister came! We named her Savannah. Now I am thankful. I know that Heavenly Father answers my prayers.

Samone Isom, age 7
Bozeman, Montana

The Sabbath Day

Sunday is my favorite day of the week because it always makes me feel so refreshed and ready for a new week. I love to go to church and learn about the Savior, Jesus Christ. It helps me to be a better person and try to do what is right. Sunday is also a good day for me and my family because we have lots of time together. Sometimes during the week we are busy.

No matter what, Sunday is the day to take a break from our everyday lifestyles. It’s a day to slow down and plan for the week. It’s a time to laugh, share, and show that we care. I try to keep the Sabbath Day holy. To me, Sunday doesn’t end when I leave church. Sunday lasts all day.

Rickey Jarman, age 11
Kinston, North Carolina