President Gordon B. Hinckley

When we sustain the President of the Church—our living prophet—we agree to listen to him, learn from him, and do what he asks us to do. We know that his counsel comes from the Lord.


  1. Remove pages 24–25 from the magazine and mount them on heavy paper or lightweight cardboard, then cut off page 25 and the symbols at the right and place the symbols in an envelope.

  2. President Hinckley speaks to us at least three times during general conference—at the beginning of conference (Saturday morning), at the end of conference (Sunday afternoon), and, usually, during the Sunday morning session. Listen to what he says, then write down counsel he gives us and examples he uses from scriptures, his own life, and Church history.

  3. Write down ways you will sustain him by obeying his counsel from the Lord.

  4. Choose symbols that illustrate his counsel and how you will obey it, and glue them next to what you have written for steps 2 and 3. If he talks about something for which you find no symbol, draw one of your own.

Symbols How I will sustain the prophet

Illustrated by Brad Teare