Trying to Be Like Jesus Christ

By Abby Soderberg, age 10

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All Alone

He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life (John 8:12).

I walked to school one day, my first day in fourth grade and at a new school. I was scared but got to my classroom OK. At recess, I was all alone. I saw Erin * all alone, too. She didn’t have any friends, and other kids made fun of her because she had lived in three foster homes.

I went over and said hi. She started crying. I asked what was wrong. She said that nobody had been that nice to her. It made me feel really warm inside to know that I had made someone feel better.

  •   *

    Name has been changed.

  • [illustration] Illustrated by Emily Reynolds

    “Choose the Right” Warrior

    Today was Thursday, the day I was going to my friend Stephen’s house after school. Because I am in kindergarten and go to school in the morning, we were going to go somewhere special for lunch first and then go to his house to play.

    After we played a game, Stephen’s mother asked if I’d like to play some video games. I love to play video games!

    Then I remembered that I was not allowed to play them until Friday. I told her so, and I felt good inside. She was impressed because I had been honest. She told my mom about it when she came to pick me up. Mom was happy that I had been honest and not played the video games. She called me a “Choose the Right” warrior.

    A Man in a Wheelchair

    One night, I was at the grocery store with my mom. We saw a man in a wheelchair. He was shopping alone and had a full cart. My mom asked me if I wanted to help him unload his groceries. I said yes and went over and put all of his groceries on the checkout stand. After I finished, he offered to buy me a pack of gum. I said, “No thank you.” I felt very good inside. That was one of my best experiences ever.

    Living Her Baptismal Covenant

    Ho Yung was baptized in Lake Michigan. Some of the promises she made to Heavenly Father at that time were that she would try to be like the Savior and be kind and loving to other people, that she would attend her Church meetings, that she would obey the commandments, that she would have faith in Jesus Christ, and that she would take His name upon her. She knows that He helped people who were sick or injured, and she tries to be like Him by helping her sister, who is disabled. Ho Yung helps her eat, gets things for her, helps her get dressed, plays with her, and does whatever else she can for her. She says she feels good when she helps her sister—and everyone.

    [photo] Ho Yung Ellison, age 9, Michigan City, Indiana