A Place of Love and Beauty

Based on a true incident

“Who knows what this is?” Sister Gonzales held up a picture of a white building with pointed steeples.

Samantha’s eyes sparkled. She knew. “That’s the temple.”

“Right!” the nursery leader said. “And I’m going to sing you a song about the temple.” Sister Gonzales began to sing:

“I love to see the temple.
I’m going there someday …” *

Samantha smiled. Yesterday, her family had gone inside that very temple to be sealed for time and all eternity. Samantha wasn’t quite sure what that meant, but Daddy had explained that now they could be together as a family forever.

Sister Gonzales continued singing:

“To feel the Holy Spirit,
To listen and to pray. …”

Just thinking about the temple gave Samantha that same warm feeling she had felt when she was inside it. It felt like being in heaven.

The two women dressed in white in the youth center had been very kind to her and her brothers. Samantha called them “her angels.” While the children were waiting to join their parents, Sister Ferguson read stories to Samantha, and Sister Moore gave her some cookies and juice. Then they had both watched as Samantha built a temple with blocks.

“For the temple is a house of God,
A place of love and beauty. …”

Sister Gonzales’s voice was sweet and clear.

Samantha already knew that the temple was Heavenly Father’s house. And it was a beautiful house! She thought about the sealing room with its crystal lights and mirrors. She remembered how her family had knelt around the altar as the temple sealer, dressed in a white suit, spoke the words of the sealing ordinance.

Afterward, they stood in front of the mirrors, and it seemed to Samantha that her family just kept going on and on and on. Maybe that’s what forever means, she thought.

By now, Sister Gonzales was finishing the second verse of the song:

“As a child of God,
I’ve learned this truth:
A family is forever.”

Samantha was glad that she belonged to a forever family.

  •   *

    Children’s Songbook, page 95.

  • [illustrations] Illustrated by Julie F. Young

    Just Like Him

    I love Jesus. He loves me.
    Just like Him I want to be.
    He helps others. I will too.
    He shares scriptures that are true.
    He was baptized. He did pray.
    He did good things every day.
    I love Jesus. He loves me.
    Just like Him I want to be.

    [illustration] Christ’s Image by Heinrich Hofmann

    Growing Up with the Temple

    A Flip Book

    Photocopy page 19 onto card stock, or glue the page onto card stock and allow the glue to dry. Color all the pictures and cut them out. Stack them in order, with 12 on the bottom and 1 on the top. Make sure the right edges are even. Staple the stack near the left edge. Flip the pages to see the boy grow up with the temple.

    [illustrations] Illustrated by Julie F. Young

    Snowman Sandwich

    To make this lunchtime friend, you will need: two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches made with white bread (head and body); two pretzel sticks (arms); three baby carrots (nose and feet); one large graham cracker, broken into sections (hat); raisins (eyes and buttons); three celery sticks (scarf); and more peanut butter (glue).

    Ask an older person to cut a large circle from each sandwich. Then lay the circles on a large plate or cookie sheet, and follow the picture to make your own snowman. Use peanut butter to stick the graham crackers together. Add the other parts of the snowman by pressing them into the bread.


    Photo by Jed Clark