From the Life of President Harold B. Lee

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First Day of School

(See The Illustrated Story of President Harold B. Lee, by Lucile Reading, page 18.)

When Harold was very young, he wanted to go to school like his older brother.

Harold: May I please go to school with Perry, Mama? I want to go to school!

Mother: No, Harold, you are too young. When you are Perry’s age, you can go.

Harold kept begging. Finally one day, his mother relented.

Harold: When can I go to school with Perry, Mama? Can I go today?

Mother: You may go with Perry this morning if you promise to be a good boy and sit quietly and not disturb the other children.

Harold walked excitedly beside Perry up the two-mile path to school.

Harold: I bet I can beat you to school!

Perry: Oh yeah? I’ll race you!

Sister Howell recognized Harold because he was also in her Primary class.

Sister Howell: Harold, what a surprise to see you at school today! Here are some crayons for you to play with while I teach the older children their lessons.

Harold became so absorbed with his crayons and paper that he didn’t notice Mrs. Howell watching over his shoulder.

Sister Howell: You have written all of the ABCs and your name! You should come to school every day. I’ll speak to your mother about it.

That afternoon, Sister Howell came to visit.

Sister Howell: You have taught Harold well. I think he should come to school with Perry every day.

Mother: But other boys Harold’s age won’t start school for two more years. Are you sure he is ready?

Sister Howell: Yes. I’m sure.

Harold always loved school. He decided to become a teacher. For many years he was involved in education throughout Idaho and Utah.