President Joseph Smith Crossword

You can learn about the Prophet Joseph Smith, the first President of the Church, by doing this crossword puzzle. Read the clues, then fill in the puzzle by choosing the correct answer from the list.

Crossword puzzle


First Vision

Book of Mormon

Hill Cumorah








  1. 3.

    Joseph Smith was told that he would find sacred Nephite records buried here.

  2. 5.

    This brother of Joseph Smith believed that Joseph was a prophet and always tried to help him.

  3. 6.

    Young Joseph went often to hear different ministers and preachers but felt confused about which ______________ he should join.

  4. 8.

    The ancient Nephite records were written on gold _______________.

  5. 9.

    Strong and quick, Joseph Smith liked to play games and to ____________________.

  6. 10.

    When he was seven years old, he had to have some _______ taken out of his leg. He was very brave during the surgery but walked with a limp the rest of his life.


  1. 1.

    When Joseph Smith prayed to know what church to join, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him in a special experience we call the _______________________.

  2. 2.

    The ancient Nephite records he translated are called the ____________________.

  3. 4.

    He and his brother were killed by a mob in this jail.

  4. 7.

    His family lived on a ___________. Even though they worked hard, they were very poor.


Across—(3) Hill Cumorah, (5) Hyrum, (6) church, (8) plates, (9) wrestle, (10) bone. Down—(1) First Vision, (2) Book of Mormon, (4) Carthage, (7) farm.