Each month in 2002, you will find a Temple Cards page in the Friend. Remove the page from the magazine, glue it to heavy paper, and cut out the cards. If you collect all 108 cards this year, you will have a picture-history of Latter-day Saint temples around the world.

Chicago Illinois Temple

Chicago Illinois Temple Dedicated: August 9, 1985

Johannesburg South Africa Temple

Johannesburg South Africa Temple Dedicated: August 24, 1985 (Photo by Trevor Simon.)

Seoul Korea Temple

Seoul Korea Temple Dedicated: December 14, 1985 (Photo by William Floyd Holdman.)

Lima Peru Temple

Lima Peru Temple Dedicated: January 10, 1986

Buenos Aires Argentina Temple

Buenos Aires Argentina Temple Dedicated: January 17, 1986

Denver Colorado Temple

Denver Colorado Temple Dedicated: October 24, 1986 (Photo by Jed Clark.)

Frankfurt Germany Temple

Frankfurt Germany Temple Dedicated: August 28, 1987

Portland Oregon Temple

Portland Oregon Temple Dedicated: August 19, 1989 (Photo by Elden L. Read.)

Las Vegas Nevada Temple

Las Vegas Nevada Temple Dedicated: December 16, 1989 (Photo by Jed Clark.)