Each month in 2002, you will find a Temple Cards page in the Friend. Remove the page from the magazine, glue it to heavy paper, and cut out the cards. If you collect all 108 cards this year, you will have a picture-history of Latter-day Saint temples around the world.

Toronto Ontario Temple

Toronto Ontario Temple Dedicated: August 25, 1990 (Photo by Craig Dimond.)

San Diego California Temple

San Diego California Temple Dedicated: April 25, 1993 (Photo by Welden Andersen.)

Orlando Florida Temple

Orlando Florida Temple Dedicated: October 9, 1994 (Photo by Mark Philbrick.)

Bountiful Utah Temple

Bountiful Utah Temple Dedicated: January 8, 1995 (Photo by Steve Tregeagle.)

Hong Kong China Temple

Hong Kong China Temple Dedicated: May 26, 1996 (Photo by Craig Dimond.)

Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple

Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple Dedicated: October 13, 1996 (Photo by Jed Clark.)

St. Louis Missouri Temple

St. Louis Missouri Temple Dedicated: June 1, 1997 (Photo by Welden Andersen.)

Vernal Utah Temple

Vernal Utah Temple Dedicated: November 2, 1997 (Photo by John Luke.)

Preston England Temple

Preston England Temple Dedicated: July 7, 1998 (Photo by John Luke.)