A Great Day

Based on a true story
This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it (Ps. 118:24).

The warm sun came through Aaron’s bedroom window. “Today is going to be a good day,” Aaron thought. “I’m going to see Grandma and Grandpa.”

Grandma and Grandpa lived just down the road, and he usually visited them after breakfast. It was the best way to start the day. Aaron jumped out of bed.

After breakfast and chores, Mom smiled and said that he could go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. As he went, the late morning sun felt good on his back. The sand squished under his shoes. It made him laugh. “This is going to be a good day,” he said out loud.

He saw a shiny black rock with a stripe down the middle. “I bet Grandpa would like to see this.” Aaron slipped the rock into his pocket.

He checked the pine tree just outside Grandma’s back door. The robin was sitting on her nest. “I think she has eggs.” Aaron climbed the fence. Standing on tiptoes and stretching his neck as far as he could, he thought he saw something blue in the nest. “I’m going to tell Grandpa!” He slid down and ran to the kitchen door.

Grandpa thought he was right about the eggs. “Pretty soon there will be little birds,” he said. Grandma had made applesauce cookies. They were really good! Grandma and Grandpa both liked his rock.

On the way home, Aaron noticed that the lilac bush was covered with purple flowers. This was such a great day!

That night as Aaron got ready for bed, he thought about everything that had happened. He said his prayers, thanking Heavenly Father. “Thank Thee for the beautiful flowers, the warm sun, the sand, and the robin’s eggs. Thank Thee for Grandma and Grandpa. Thank Thee for this whole great day! Oh, and Heavenly Father, I love Thee.”

As Aaron climbed into bed, he remembered something his Primary teacher had said. When we feel love for Heavenly Father, that feeling is called reverence. Aaron fell asleep feeling very reverent.

Primary Talk

(This talk was given by Skylar Peacock when he was six years old. He used pictures as visual aids.)

Primary talk(click to view larger)

Illustrated by Taia Morley

A World Turned Upside-Down

Sidewalks are wet all over our town.
Can you guess what I see when I look straight down?
Right under my feet is our mulberry tree,
As upside-down as a tree can be!
Our house is down there! And so is the sky!
And so is our fence! And look—so am I!
First I step on my nose. Now I step on my ears.
Then I splash! And my upside-down world disappears!

Disappearing-Marshmallow Rolls

You will need: eight large marshmallows, 1 tube (8 ounces/ 226g) refrigerator crescent-roll dough, a cube of butter/margarine, and 1/2 cup sugar mixed with 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon.

Ask a grown-up to melt the butter. Coat the marshmallows with the melted butter, then roll them in the cinnamon-sugar mixture. Enclose each marshmallow in a section of dough, pinching the dough to completely seal the marshmallow in.

Ask a grown-up to bake the rolls as directed on the tube.

Serve the rolls as a family home evening treat. As you eat the rolls, you will find that the marshmallows have disappeared but that each roll has a delicious marshmallow lining.

[illustrations] Illustrated by Taia Morley