New Commandment

Use the code below to discover a new commandment Jesus Christ gave His disciples after Judas Iscariot left to betray Him. To check your answer, look up the scripture.

New Testament Riddle

When Jesus Christ rose from the dead,
I did not loudly shout.
Although others saw Him,
My mind was filled with doubt.

Who am I?

To check your answer and to learn more about this incident, read John 20:19, 24–29.

New Testament 1-2-3

Use the scripture references to help you fill in the blanks with the correct words.

  1. 1.

    Jesus Christ taught that if a man had 100 _______________ and one was lost, he should “leave the ninety and nine” to look for the lost one. (See Matt. 18:12.)

  2. 2.

    Lazarus, whom Jesus Christ raised from the dead, had two sisters, _______________ and _______________ . (See John 11:1–45.)

  3. 3.

    The Wise Men from the east brought young Jesus three gifts: ______________ , _______________ , and ___________________ . (See Matt. 2:1, 11.)

  4. 4.

    In the parable of the ______________ , the ______________ fall on four kinds of soil: by the wayside, on stony places, among thorns, and on good ground. (See Matt. 13:3–8, heading.)

  5. 5.

    With five ______________ and two ______________ , Jesus Christ miraculously fed 5,000 people. (See Matt. 14:15–21.)

  6. 6.

    The Savior died about the sixth hour of the day; the ______________ was darkened and the veil of the ______________ was rent (torn). (See Luke 23:44–45.)

  7. 7.

    After the Savior’s death, the Apostles appointed seven men of _____________ _____________ , who were full of the _____________ ______________ and _______________ , to help them. (See Acts 6:3.)

  8. 8.

    On the eighth day after his birth, Zacharias and Elisabeth named their son ____________ . (See Luke 1:59–63.)

  9. 9.

    Jesus Christ healed 10 _______________ , but only one returned to express his gratitude. (See Luke 17:12–19.)

  10. 10.

    In the parable of the 10 virgins, the five foolish virgins were unprepared and had no ____________ in their _______________ . (See Matt. 25:1–13.)

[illustration] Rescue of the Lost Lamb by Minerva K. Teichert

In Other Words

Can you tell what word(s) each drawing illustrates? Check your answers below.



(1) hole in one, (2) square dance, (3) somewhere over the rainbow, (4) handshake, (5) three little kittens, (6) standing in line, (7) double chin.