I’d like to be a warrior like the Nephites brave and true,
Putting all my trust in God, knowing what to do.
I’d like to be a king someday, a leader among men—
One who loves to preach of God like King Benjamin.
I’d like to be a captain of an army. You ask why?
There weren’t many as valiant as Captain Moroni.
A prophet, too, I’d like to be, defending truth and right,
Obeying God’s commandments like Samuel the Lamanite.
A hero like my father I’d someday like to be.
I’d also like to share the gospel as a missionary.
I’d like to be a lot of things—I know that sounds quite odd.
But as for now, I think I’ll stay a valiant child of God.
For Jesus is my greatest hero, and I can hear Him say,
“My child, you can be all these things by loving Me each day.”

[illustrations] Christ’s Image by Heinrich Hofmann; King Benjamin by Gary L. Kapp; Captain Moroni by Arnold Friberg; Samuel the Lamanite by Arnold Friberg

[photos] Photos by Wes Taylor