Special Witness:

Faith of Our Prophets

By Elder David B. Haight

Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

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From an October 2001 general conference address.

Elder David B. Haight

Did you know that all of Elder David B. Haight’s grandparents were pioneers who came across the plains and settled in Utah? He teaches us to have faith in the prophets of both pioneer times and now.

What a wonderful and grand opportunity [it] is for all of us to be able to sustain our living prophet upon the earth today. To feel it in your heart and soul that you not only sustain him but you endorse what he has been doing and what he has done for us in representing us to the world. We are thankful for the marvelous and inspired way in which he has spoken to the world.

As we look at Brigham Young and reflect upon the inspiration and direction that came to that most unusual man, we recall how he was able to fill the tragic void caused by the death of the Prophet Joseph Smith, how he was able under inspiration and revelation to guide and direct the closing of Nauvoo and the planning of the trip west. We remember the continued work there at that time on the Nauvoo Temple and the way that was organized to move forward, with the wagon trains crossing the West and into the Salt Lake Valley into what would become Zion.

And think of the blessing that has come into our lives to have President Hinckley as our prophet, seer, and revelator and leader and to envision what is happening and what will be happening ahead of us if we just have the faith to continue to do what has been started.

President Hinckley often speaks to us about developing more faith. That faith is a result of our living the principles of the gospel, living the way we should.

Just imagine the [lesson] that the Savior was teaching the people. If you only had as much faith as [a] little tiny mustard seed you would say to the mountain, “Move hence,” and it would move, if you had that much faith (see Matt. 17:20).

So what we need is the faith of Brigham Young and the faith of Gordon B. Hinckley and the faith of people who are our prophets and leaders.

Brother Joseph by David Lindsley; President Gordon B. Hinckley by William Whitaker; Brigham Young photographer unknown