Trying to Be Like Jesus

By Marissa Mortimer

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He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life (John 8:12).


I have a friend who is not a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She had a party where we got our nails done and watched movies. She wanted to rent R-rated movies. I told her that I don’t watch those kinds of movies. One of the girls told me that she once watched a movie that she wasn’t supposed to watch, and her mom didn’t ever find out. I told her that I still wouldn’t see that movie. We ended up getting two other movies.

The next morning her mom made coffee. She offered me some. I told her that I wasn’t allowed to have coffee, and she told me that a little wouldn’t hurt. I politely told her that I did not want any. She didn’t say anything else after that. I’m glad that I could obey the Word of Wisdom.

[photo] Marissa Mortimer, age 11, is a member of the Rocklin Second Ward, Rocklin California Stake.

Twenty-dollar Decision

My Grandpa Johnny gave me a job to help him clean up around his store and yard. One day I was raking up leaves and found a $20 bill lying on the ground under some leaves. I picked it up and, instead of keeping it, I took it to my grandpa. When I went back to work I had a good feeling inside. The Holy Ghost was telling me that I had done what Jesus would do.

[photo] Colton James Simons, age 10, is a member of the South Valley View Ward, Salem Utah Stake.

A Modest Solution

My parents have always taught me to dress modestly. My best friend, who is not a member of the Church, gave me a sundress with thin spaghetti straps. I graciously thanked my friend, but I didn’t know what I should do. It was a very cute dress, and I wanted to be able to wear it. I talked to my mom about what I should do. Then I remembered that my Aunt Emily sometimes wears sundresses, but wears a T-shirt underneath to be modest. I am grateful for the example my aunt sets for me, and for my parents who teach me how to dress modestly so I can be ready to go to the temple someday. I’m glad I came up with a modest solution so that I can wear my cute new dress!

[photo] Brenna Priebe, age 9, is a member of the Oakhurst Ward, Vancouver Washington Stake.

I Love Football

Football is my favorite sport. I have been playing Little League football for six years. The position I play is running back. For the past five seasons we have not had many games on Sunday. This year was different. Almost half the games were on Sunday.

At the beginning of the season, my family had a family home evening on Sabbath day observance. We read in the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet that Sunday is not a holiday or a day for recreation or athletic events. I know it is important to keep the Sabbath day holy. My dad and I went to the coach and told him that I would not play football on Sunday. The coach was frustrated by our decision. He did not understand because he is not a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Throughout the season I tried to be a good example. It was hard for me at times because I love to play football and hated to miss so many games. When I did play with the team at Saturday games, I played my best.

I have been blessed. Many of my teammates and coaches have asked questions about the Church because of my decision. This was a great missionary experience, and I know that I made the right choice.

[photo] Cason Carrel, age 10, is a member of the Doylestown Ward, Philadelphia Pennsylvania Stake.

[illustrations] Illustrated by David R. Deitrick; illustrations photographed by Christina Smith