A Suggestion

The October 2002 Friend was really great. I read the whole issue in just two days and did all the activities. I found the hidden word, covenant. I even used your family home evening ideas. I liked the story “Different Walls, Same Foundation.”

I have a suggestion. When you do cutout activities, leave a blank page on one side so a story isn’t wrecked when I do the activities. Sarah McComb, age 9 West Jordan, Utah

Thanks for the suggestion, Sarah. It makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately (or fortunately), there are so many wonderful things we want to share each month that we hesitate to leave any blank pages. But we’ll think about it. In the meantime, perhaps you could photocopy the story.

Does anyone else have a suggestion for making the Friend a better magazine? —The Editors

Peace and Love

When I was first a member of the Church, I would listen to Church music in bed. The first time I listened to “A Child’s Prayer,” I felt peace and love. I felt the Spirit strongly. As I listened to the soft voice, I began to cry. Whenever I think about how Jesus Christ died for us, I feel many feelings at once. I was baptized on February 5, 2002, and I am glad! Star Pratt, age 10 Independence, Oregon

A Priesthood Blessing

The night before I had heart surgery, my dad gave me a priesthood blessing. Because of this blessing I was not afraid. The surgery went well, and I recovered quickly. I am thankful that my dad has the priesthood and can bless our family with it. Stephanie Salisbury, age 7 Mapleton, Utah

I Wasn’t Mad Anymore

One day while I was practicing on the piano, I was making a lot of mistakes. I got mad and started pounding on the keys. I tried playing a different song, but I kept making mistakes and got madder and madder. I was going to quit, but I remembered that my piano lesson was the next day. So I decided to say a prayer. It was a really short prayer. I said, “Please help me to be able to play this song. Help me to stop getting mad and to be good.” After my prayer, I felt a tingly feeling. I took a deep breath and let it out. I wasn’t mad anymore. I played the song and only messed up twice. At my lesson the next day, I played it without making any mistakes. Hayden Carnline, age 11 Rockdale, Texas