Conference Squares

(A Listening Activity)

Note: If you do not wish to remove pages from the magazine, this activity may be copied, traced, or printed out from the Internet at Click on Gospel Library.

General conference is a special time of year when we can hear the words of the prophet and other Church leaders. To help you listen to the conference messages, do this activity with your family.

Carefully remove these two pages from the magazine. (If more than two game cards are needed, copy one of the pages.) Mount the pages on heavy paper and cut out the game cards. When you hear a speaker say one of the words in the boxes, cover that box with a bean, button, piece of candy, or coin. When each session of conference ends, uncover any covered boxes one at a time and tell your family what you have learned about the covered words.

Alternate version: Instead of making individual playing cards, have the whole family play on one game board, with different-colored markers for each person. When one of the words is mentioned, the first person to put a marker on it wins the spot. Whoever has put down the most markers by the end of the conference session is the winner.

President Hinckley




Heavenly Father






Joseph Smith

Sabbath day

Jesus Christ

Book of Mormon



The Holy Ghost



Word of Wisdom