Flying Things

I like to read the Friend! My favorite articles are the stories. But in the October 2002 Friend, I really enjoyed the Making Friends article. I think it would be really neat to know so much about flying things, like the boy in the article does. Landan Holladay, age 11 Kennewick, Washington

A Letter to President Hinckley

After she attended a regional conference at which President Hinckley spoke, five-year-old Jacie Robinson said she wanted to send him a letter. She dictated the following to her mother:

Dear President Hinckley, I believe in Jesus and in prophets. I believe in Heavenly Father. I believe in you. I’m glad I got to see you today in regional conference. I like your clothes. I know I can see Jesus again if I’m good. I Love U, Jacie

Jacie Robinson, age 5, with her mom Cedar Hills, Utah

Hold On to the Church

When my brother and I were roller-skating past the ward meetinghouse today, I said, “Hold on to the church for balance.” Then I thought, “Hey, that’s right. If we hold on to the Church, we’ll keep our balance and be happy. If we let go, we might fall.” So hold on! Britney Whipple, age 11 Minersville, Utah

The Night of My Play

My school class was doing a play for the whole school, and I had an important part. The night of the play came, and I was kind of nervous. I prayed right before the play started that I would feel a little more comfortable. When it was my turn to say my first line, I wasn’t nervous at all! I am very glad that Heavenly Father answers my prayers. Will Hayden, age 9 San Jose, California

A Nice Dream

I was having bad dreams, so I decided to say a prayer to Heavenly Father. I said, “Please help me not to have bad dreams.” Then I had a nice dream about a wishing star. Heavenly Father listened to my prayer—He answered it! Hannah Leavitt, age 4 Las Vegas, Nevada

[illustration] Electronic illustration by Mark Robison