My Dad

My dad got sick when I was one year old. He prayed that he would stay alive long enough to baptize me, and he did. Two months after my baptism, he died. After my dad died, I was sad, so I prayed about it. I asked Heavenly Father to help me not be sad. Now I am not so sad anymore. I still think of my dad, and I think of how we are an eternal family. I think about how I will get to see Dad again. Tyler Miller, age 8 Orchard Park, New York

Missionary Grandparents

My grandparents went on a six-month mission to Nauvoo. I missed them a lot, but my family and I wrote letters every week. I was so happy when they came home. They had many wonderful experiences. I am looking forward to going on a mission, too. Christian Shaffer, age 8 Syracuse, Utah

Kick Your Feet

One time I went to the beach. I met a friend named Courtney. We were playing in the ocean. Soon everyone started running out of the water. I wondered why everyone was running. I looked at the lifeguard’s flag, and it was red. Then I was swept under the water by a huge wave. There was a loud swishing noise in my ears, and I kept paddling my hands but couldn’t get out. Then I heard a voice say, “Kick your feet.” So I did, and I suddenly floated to the top and got out of the water.

I am so glad the Holy Ghost was with me that day, because the ocean can be very dangerous. I know that the Holy Ghost can protect us if we listen to Him. Lauren Adair Jones, age 6 Hookerton, North Carolina

I Miss the Recipes

I love to read the Friend, but I miss Kitchen Krafts. Why did you take it out? Please put it back in. Erin Nelson, age 12 West Jordan, Utah

Others have written or called with the same request, Erin. You will soon begin seeing recipes in the Friend again from time to time. —The Editors

[illustration] Illustrated by Brad Teare