Answered Prayers

We went to Utah on vacation to visit our cousins. On the way back home to California, our pickup truck broke down in the middle of Nevada. There weren’t any towns close by, and we didn’t have a cell phone. We pulled over, and my dad tried to figure out what was wrong with the truck. But everything looked fine. We said a prayer. We asked that someone we could trust would stop and help us and that we would be able to get the truck fixed. Within five minutes, a woman named Lori stopped and asked if we needed help. She had a cell phone, so she called the highway patrol and a tow truck. Then she took Mom and us children to the next town, where we waited at a restaurant. After four hours, Dad drove up in the pickup. It was fixed! We immediately said a prayer of thanks for answered prayers and all the help we received. We continued our journey and arrived home safely. We still remember the Spirit we felt in our hearts. We know we have a Heavenly Father who loves us and watches over us. Lashele and Sabrina Davis, ages 11 and 6 Suisun, California

What Is Important to My Family

In school I had an assignment to create a family coat of arms. First I thought about what is important to my family. Then I started with a sheet of blue paper because I remembered the words from “Our Primary Colors” (Children’s Songbook, 258): “Blue is for truth in our thought and our deed.” Next I put on a green shield to remind me to choose the right, just like my CTR ring. I added a red heart on the shield because “red is for courage to do what is right,” and the heart is for the love that keeps our family together. I added a yellow Utah shape because I was born in Utah and because yellow is for “service from morning till night.” I added a picture of the world because my ancestors came from 14 different countries. I added a picture of the Book of Mormon because it is so important to my family. I added a picture of a baptism because we have to be baptized to return to live with Jesus. I added pictures of temples because they make it possible for our family to be together forever. And I added a white cat because I like cats and have two as pets. My teacher gave me a certificate for being the most creative, and she hung my shield on the wall for a long time. It also helped me to share the gospel with my friends. Rachel Mathews, age 8 Valparaiso, Indiana

[illustrations] Illustrated by Mark Robison