Our Bodies Are Temples

One night for family home evening our parents gave us a lesson on how we should treat our bodies as temples. We learned about not letting unkind words leave our mouths. We also learned about how to take care of our bodies by eating nutritious foods as well as how to dress modestly.

At the end of the lesson, our parents helped us build models of temples out of sugar cubes, construction paper, straws, cotton, and glue. We used the pictures of the temples in the Friend to get ideas for our own temples. We had a fun night together as a family. Dillon and April Robertson, ages 8 and 5 Los Banos, California

The Leaky Faucet Prayer

My grandma lives alone, and it’s sometimes hard for her to do everything by herself. One day she was trying to fix the bathroom faucet. She was lying on the floor on her back, reaching up under the counter trying to get a pipe to stop leaking. I was sitting by her, watching.

I said, “Grandma, let’s say a prayer so Heavenly Father can help you.” My grandma said that was a great idea. Grandma said the prayer. It didn’t take long for the pipes to seal up tight.

Grandma told me she was thankful for my faith. It helped her to be reminded by a little girl like me. Quinncy Dawne Kindall, age 3, with help from her grandmother Nampa, Idaho

My Favorite Uncle

My Uncle Jim was my favorite uncle. He was everyone’s friend. He hid pennies around his apartment for me to find. Every Sunday I would call him on the phone. He always had time to listen. I told him all about what I had learned in Primary, at school—just about anything. He sent me hand-knitted doll clothes his neighbor had made. I wanted to send him back something special. It took me a long time to figure out what, but then I knew exactly what to send—an invitation to my baptism with my CTR ring.

A few days before my baptism, my Uncle Jim died. I cried all night. I didn’t want to be baptized without Uncle Jim, but my mother told me he would want me to be baptized. She said that it would be the greatest gift I could ever give him. I was baptized the day before his funeral. At his funeral I wore my white baptism dress and decorated his grave with white roses. I cried a lot, but my mother reminded me that Jesus also cried. It says so in the scriptures. I guess if Jesus cries, too, He must really understand it when I cry.

The next day my mother went to Uncle Jim’s apartment to clear things out. Tacked to his wall was a picture of me with my CTR ring taped beside it. Kelly Hoag, age 9 Portola, California