A Message from Alma

One of the Book of Mormon prophets, Alma, commanded his son Helaman to do something. To find out what Alma said to his son, use the code below:

Alma(click to view larger)

Painting of Alma by Scott Snow © 1983 IRI. (Alma 37:37).

Fraction Puzzle

Find the correct fraction of letters in each word. (For example, the first 1/3 of “cat” is “c,” the last 1/2 of “book” is “ok.”) Write the letter(s) in the blanks. After you have found all the answers, place the letters in order on the line below to learn an important principle Jesus taught us by example.

1. Middle 1/5 of Bible


2. First 1/4 of apostles

___ ___

3. Last 1/4 of font


4. First 1/9 of immersion


5. First 2/5 of Smith

___ ___


(1) B, (2) AP, (3) T, (4) I, (5) SM. Hidden word: BAPTISM.