Each of us is a child of God. We are created in Heavenly Father’s image. And yet each of us is different. Some children have blue eyes, while others have brown or green ones. Each face is unique. We act differently, too. Some are good in sports, and others do well in music. We each have special talents.

Instructions: Open the staples and remove pages 24–25, then close the staples. Glue the pages to heavy paper. Cut out the noses, eyes, and mouths, leaving the tabs on. Cut out the boy and girl and the slits indicated on each. Using the cutouts, create different faces for the boy and girl.

A Child of God A Child of God

Illustrated by Matt Smith

Note: If you do not wish to remove pages from the magazine, this activity may be copied, traced, or printed out from the Internet at www.lds.org. Click on Gospel Library.