Each issue in 2002 contained Temple Cards. Since that time more temples have been dedicated. Nine of those temples are shown on this page. When nine more temples have been dedicated, another page will appear in the magazine. Remove this page from the magazine, glue it to heavy paper, and cut out the cards. Add these cards to the cards that have already appeared in the magazine to remind you of the importance of temples.

Columbia River Washington Temple

Columbia River Washington Temple Dedicated: November 18, 2001 (Photograph by Patrick Neal Kimball)

Snowflake Arizona Temple

Snowflake Arizona Temple Dedicated: March 3, 2002 (Photograph by Welden C. Andersen)

Lubbock Texas Temple

Lubbock Texas Temple Dedicated: April 21, 2002 (Photograph by Welden C. Andersen)

Monterrey Mexico Temple

Monterrey Mexico Temple Dedicated: April 28, 2002 (Photograph by Andrés Estrada Escudero)

Campinas Brazil Temple

Campinas Brazil Temple Dedicated: May 17, 2002

Ascunción Paraguay Temple

Ascunción Paraguay Temple Dedicated: May 19, 2002 (Photograph by Jason Swensen, courtesy of Church News)

Nauvoo Illinois Temple

Nauvoo Illinois Temple Dedicated: June 27, 2002 (Photograph by John Luke)

The Hague Netherlands Temple

The Hague Netherlands Temple Dedicated: September 8, 2002 (Photograph by O. Jay Call, courtesy of Church News)

Brisbane Australia Temple

Brisbane Australia Temple Dedicated: June 15, 2003

Note: To find the cards in the 2002 issues or if you do not wish to remove this page from the magazine, go to www.lds.org. Click on Gospel Library.