A Prayer for Dad

Our dad is a police officer. A couple of years ago when we lived in Australia, Dad was working at a big convention. Important people from all over the world were coming. There were lots of protesters, and Dad’s job was to protect the people attending the convention. It lasted five days, and it was on the television news all the time because the protesters were angry and causing problems.

Dad worked long hours and was hardly ever home during that time. We watched television as much as possible to find out what was going on. One morning, Mum turned on the TV, and Dad was on the news! The protesters were getting out of control, and the police officers were having a difficult time protecting the people at the meeting. Mum turned off the TV, and we knelt down and said a prayer. We asked Heavenly Father to protect our dad.

When Dad got home that night, he was very tired. We told him we had prayed for him that morning that he would be protected. Dad smiled. He told us that he had been on the front line facing the protesters when the sergeant told him to leave the line and go cover a different area. After he left, several police officers were injured and had to be taken to the hospital. The sergeant had made him leave the front line shortly after we had finished our prayer.

We are children of God. We can pray to Heavenly Father anytime, anywhere. We know that He hears and answers our prayers. Jessica and Jaime Zurzolo, ages 11 and 6, Weippe, Idaho

No Problem at All

I have a problem with spelling and reading, but when I read the Bible I have no problem at all. I read it every day. The Friend is fun to read, too. Mackenzie Wright, age 10, Mont Clare, Pennsylvania

Sharing My Faith

One night we talked about the Articles of Faith in family home evening. The next day at school I showed my teacher my new Articles of Faith card. She liked it a lot! She was proud of me for sharing my faith. She told me that her uncle was a member of our church. He went on a mission, and I thought that was really neat. I felt the Holy Ghost. Chase Stolworthy, age 7, Franklin, Tennessee

[illustration] Illustrated by Matt Smith