Conference ABCs

Play this alphabet game during conference. Next to each word, make a mark for every speaker who talks about the topic during each session. Write a short definition or draw a picture of what the word means. For any words you don’t know, ask a family member to help you. At the end of general conference, look at your list and tell your family what you have learned about each word.

A Atonement

N New Testament

B Baptism

O Obedience

C Covenants

P Priesthood

D Desire

Q Quorum

E Example

R Repentance

F Family

S Sabbath

G Gratitude

T Temple

H Happiness

U Urim and Thummim

I Integrity

V Valiant

J Jesus Christ

W Word of Wisdom

K Knowledge

X eXample

L Love

Y Yield to the Holy Spirit

M Marriage

Z Zion

[illustration] Illustrated by Brad Teare

Who Am I? (Church History Mysteries)

I was one of the Three Witnesses, along with Martin Harris and Oliver Cowdery, who saw the gold plates that contained the Book of Mormon. An angel showed the plates to us and commanded us to write about the things we saw. You can read about it in the “The Testimony of Three Witnesses,” found in the front of the Book of Mormon. Who am I?

(See “The Testimony of Three Witnesses” in the front of the Book of Mormon for help in solving the mystery.)

I am the mother of the Prophet Joseph Smith. I was the first person to hear about the First Vision, when Joseph saw Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. I was baptized by Joseph on April 6, 1830, the day the Church was organized in this dispensation. Who am I?

(See JS—H 1:4, 20 for help in solving the mystery.)

I am one of Joseph Smith’s younger brothers. My brother Joseph, the Prophet, told me that Jesus Christ wanted me to serve as a missionary. I was one of the first missionaries for the Church in this dispensation and helped teach the gospel to the prophet Brigham Young and his brother, Phineas. Who am I?

(See D&C 52:1, 30 for help in solving the mystery.)

See Doctrine and Covenants Stories (available at your local distribution center, item number 31122) for more stories about Church history for children.


[illustrations] David Whitmer by Lewis A. Ramsey © 1982 IRI; Lucy Mack Smith © IRI; Samuel Smith © Dale Kilbourn—do not copy.

David Whitmer, Lucy Mack Smith, and Samuel Smith.