Trying to Be Like Jesus

By Kenzie Koepnick

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He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life (John 8:12).


I was watching television at a friend’s house when her mom called her to wash the dishes. At first I kept watching television. Then I felt the Spirit telling me to go help with the dishes. I helped my friend and felt really good about it afterward.

[photo] Kenzie Koepnick, age 10, is a member of the Burley Second Ward, Burley Idaho Stake.

Golden-brown Gift

I have beautiful golden-brown hair. I was watching the news one morning and saw that a little girl was donating her hair to an organization that makes wigs for young cancer patients. One day I was shopping with my mom and sisters when we noticed a salon that took hair donations. We went in and asked the hair cutter how long my hair had to be to donate it. It was long enough! So I sat down in the big chair, and she put my hair in a ponytail and cut it right above the tail. I felt happy and excited because I knew that I had done something to help little kids who were sick.

[photo] Alexis Bolos, age 8, is a member of the Kanesville Ward, Kanesville Utah Stake.

Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy *

During a family home evening lesson we talked about things we could do to keep the Sabbath day holy. We decided that it is good to go to church, sing songs, rest, visit people, and read the scriptures. Last week, a young neighbor friend asked my three-year-old son, Ethan, if he wanted to ride bikes. Ethan said, “I can’t. It’s Jesus’s day.”

  •   *

    See My Gospel Standards, Faith in God guidebook, back cover.

  • [photo] Ethan Lacanienta, age 3, is a member of the Atascocita Ward, Kingwood Texas Stake.

    Parade or Conference?

    I was coming home from swimming lessons Saturday morning when I saw lots of people lined up for a parade. I asked my mom why we weren’t going to the parade. She told me it was because we needed to listen to general conference. I really wanted to go to the parade and was sad that we couldn’t go, but I told my mom that I knew it was more important to listen to conference and that I would do that instead. I liked listening to the prophet and other speakers. I know it helps us to learn more about Jesus.

    [photo] Jaylyn Johnson, age 6, is a member of the Riverside Ward, Fort Collins Colorado Stake.

    The Lost Remote

    My dad and I were taking a walk around the neighborhood when I saw a TV remote control lying on the ground. I picked it up and asked my dad if I could look for the owner. He said yes, so I rang some doorbells. At one house the man said, “It’s not mine.” I rang another doorbell, and the man said, “It’s mine,” so I gave it to him. I left feeling good inside. As I was walking home, the man came up to me and said, “Thanks for being honest.” I said, “Thank you!” and went home. I’m glad I was honest.

    [photo] Scott Draper, age 8, is a member of the Ansbach Ward, Nürnberg Germany Stake.


    At recess I was playing with my friends when two girls started bossing another girl and saying they didn’t want to play with her. I noticed that the girl who was being picked on was sad. I asked her if she wanted to play with me, and we talked about the problem. She and I played for the rest of the recess. Then we talked to the other girls, and they agreed to play nicely together the next day. I felt good inside and knew that I had been a good friend and done the right thing.

    [photo] Nolan Ryan Anderson, age 6, is a member of the Anoka Ward, Anoka Minnesota Stake.

    [illustrations] Illustrated by Brad Teare