You may not be old enough to serve a full-time mission, but there are lots of ways you can share the gospel today. As you think and pray about your friends, listen to the Holy Ghost and you may feel prompted to follow some of the following suggestions.

  • When you see someone sad or in need, stop to help, like Jesus would.

  • Always be kind and honest. Your good example will go a long way!

  • When friends ask what you did over the weekend, tell them about your Sunday activities. Explain why you keep the Sabbath day holy.

  • Hang uplifting decorations on the walls of your room—pictures of temples, prophets, My Gospel Standards—and let your friends ask questions about them.

  • Wear your CTR ring. If friends ask what CTR means, tell them.

  • When friends want to play on Monday nights, tell them about family home evening. With your parents’ permission, you may want to invite a friend and/or the missionaries to family home evening sometime—on Monday or any other night of the week.

  • Instead of listening to popular music, play your favorite Church music when friends come over.

  • Invite friends to your baptism.

  • Put together a small photo album to show friends. Include pictures of you on temple grounds, your baptism day, family members who are serving missions, etc. Remember to show interest in your friends too, by asking if they would like to show you their own photos when you visit them.

  • Invite friends to Primary or activities.

  • Be nice to everyone, including children in your ward or branch. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are pleased when we treat others with love. And the more friendly your group is, the more welcome visitors will feel when they come.

  • When friends visit, suggest doing some of the Funstuf activities or making a Kitchen Krafts recipe from the Friend. Offer them their own copy of the magazine if they would like one.

  • Talk to your friends about people you know who are serving or have served missions. Answer questions about why missionaries serve and what they do.

  • When possible, include facts about the gospel in your school assignments. For instance, you could include Church history in a history report. You could read a Church book for your book report. If you are doing a project about yourself, such as an autobiography or an art project, find ways to show your beliefs.

  • Pray—for courage, for friends to be prepared to listen, and for you to have the Holy Ghost as your companion. As you live worthily, the Spirit will help you know what to do and say.

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