Clarissa and the Pass-along Card

By Marianne Dahl Johnson

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    (Based on a true story)I want to be a missionary now. … I want to share the gospel while I’m young (Children’s Songbook, 168).

    Clarissa hurried from the Primary room when she was dismissed. She could hardly wait to show her mom what her Primary teacher had given her. She held the special card carefully as her eyes scanned the hallway for her mother.

    “Maybe she is already in the chapel,” Clarissa thought. She walked in that direction and peeked into the chapel, which was filling with people for sacrament meeting. No, she wasn’t there yet. “Where could she be?” Clarissa wondered.

    Then she remembered her sister Deseret in nursery. Maybe Mom was getting her. Clarissa went to the nursery room and smiled when she saw her mom. “How was Primary?” Mom asked.

    “Great,” Clarissa said. “Mom, look what my teacher gave me!”

    “That looks like a pass-along card,” Mom said. “What are you going to do with it?”

    “My teacher said I should give it to someone who isn’t a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,” Clarissa replied.

    “That’s great, honey!” Mom said as they walked down the hall with Deseret to the chapel. “Who are you going to give it to? Do you know someone who isn’t a member of the Church?”

    “Of course I do, Mom!” Clarissa said. “I want to give it to Margaret!”

    Margaret was two years older than Clarissa. Clarissa saw her almost every week when her mom gave piano lessons to Margaret’s older brother and sister. Margaret would come with her mom to pick them up after the lesson. Clarissa liked Margaret a lot. She wanted her to know about the true Church of Jesus Christ.

    “OK,” Mom said. “Why don’t we go to Margaret’s house after church and give her the card.”

    During sacrament meeting, Clarissa carefully held the pass-along card in her hands. She looked at the pretty picture on the front. She knew the back gave instructions about how to order a free video that would tell more about Jesus Christ. She hoped Margaret’s family would order the video.

    After church, Mom took Clarissa and Deseret to the car. They drove to Margaret’s house. Clarissa was so excited!

    When they stopped at the house, they all walked to the front door. Mom rang the doorbell. Margaret’s mom answered. “Is Margaret here?” Clarissa asked.

    “No, Clarissa,” Margaret’s mom said. “She is at a friend’s house. I’m sorry you missed her.”

    Clarissa looked sadly at her mother. Margaret wasn’t there. She didn’t know what to say next. Luckily, Mom said, “Clarissa has a card that she wants to give to Margaret. It has a number that you can call to order a free video that tells about Jesus Christ. Is it OK if she gives it to Margaret?” Mom asked.

    Margaret’s mother smiled warmly at Clarissa. “How nice of you, Clarissa. Do you want me to take the card and give it to Margaret for you?”

    Clarissa nodded and handed the card to Margaret’s mom. As they walked back to the car, she had a warm and happy feeling inside. It felt good to be a missionary.

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    • Marianne Dahl Johnson is a member of the Wells Ward, Elko Nevada East Stake.