CTR Searcher

I really enjoy reading the Friend. I also like searching for the hidden CTR ring each month. It’s interesting how different the ring looks in different languages. Shannon Shepard, age 11, Yerington, Nevada

The Maxi-taxi Hymn

Here in Trinidad, West Indies, I ride a long distance in maxi-taxis to attend school and church. A maxi-taxi is like a minibus that holds twelve people. All kinds of people of all ages ride maxi-taxis, and sometimes they say and do bad things. Recently I got in a maxi-taxi to go home from school. As I sat down, I found that the driver was playing very loud music with bad words in it. The other passengers were using bad language, and the older boys and girls in the back were doing things they shouldn’t. I felt very uncomfortable. I remembered my uncle telling me that when something was bothering me I should say a prayer or sing a hymn. I started to hum “I Am a Child of God.” That made me feel a lot better and helped me to think of good things. I know that singing a hymn in a bad situation can help us. Russell K. Joseph, age 12, Trinidad, West Indies

Chinchilla Escape

My brother Henry and I were taking care of our neighbors’ pet chinchilla while they were away on vacation. We liked to feed him raisins and banana chips. One day while we were feeding him, he got out of his cage. We were having a hard time finding him. My brother finally found him under the couch, but every time we tried to grab him he ran away and hid again. I said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to help us catch the chinchilla. We worked together and finally caught him. I am grateful that I can ask Heavenly Father for help when I need it. Emmett Lytle, age 5, with help from his mom, Middlebury, Connecticut

I Love to See the Temple

I love to see the temple. I enjoy drawing pictures of the temple. When I’m older I’m going to be baptized for the dead in the temple. And someday I’m going to get married in the temple. I love the temple! Andra Twitchell, age 7, Carlsbad, New Mexico

[illustration] Illustrated by Brad Teare