From the Life of President David O. McKay

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Visiting with the Queen

Adapted from The Lord Needed a Prophet, Susan Arrington Madsen (1990), 149–50.

As prophet, President David O. McKay traveled the world. He encouraged the Saints to be faithful and made friends with many government leaders.

During a visit to the Netherlands, the queen agreed to meet with President McKay for half an hour. He watched the clock carefully and stood to leave when the 30 minutes were up.

President McKay: Your Highness, thank you for visiting with my wife and me. It has been a pleasure.

Queen: Mr. McKay, sit down! I have enjoyed this 30 minutes more than I have enjoyed any 30 minutes in a long time. I just wish you would extend our visit a little longer.

President McKay agreed. Soon a servant wheeled in a table, and the queen poured three cups of tea.

Queen: Won’t you have a little tea with the queen?

President McKay: Thank you, but Latter-day Saints don’t believe in drinking coffee, tea, or alcohol.

Queen: I am the queen of the Netherlands. Do you mean to tell me that you won’t have a little drink of tea, even with the queen?

President McKay: Would the queen of the Netherlands ask a church leader to do something that he teaches his people not to do?

Queen: You are a great man, President McKay. I wouldn’t ask you to do that.

Throughout his presidency, President David O. McKay set a great example and earned the respect of leaders all over the world.