Conference Matching Game

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This April, we can hear the Lord’s apostles and prophets speak during general conference. While you listen to their special messages, you can make this matching game for you and your family to play at family home evening.


Remove these two pages from the magazine. Mount the pages on heavy paper, and cut out the cards. As you listen to each speaker, decide what topic he is speaking about. Write the topic on the card with his picture. Also, on the blank card with the speaker’s name on it, draw a picture of the topic. For instance, if he speaks about faith, you could draw a seed or something else that represents faith to you. Ask your father or a priesthood leader to help you with topics from the Apostles who speak at the priesthood session.

When you have finished making your game, you and your family can play it at family home evening. Turn all the cards facedown on a flat surface. Take turns flipping over two of the cards. If you match the speaker to his topic, keep the match and take another turn. The person who has the most matches when all the cards are gone is the winner.

President Gordon B. Hinckley Topic:

President Thomas S. Monson Topic:

President James E. Faust Topic:

President Boyd K. Packer Topic:

Elder L. Tom Perry Topic:

Elder Russell M. Nelson Topic:

Elder M. Russell Ballard Topic:

Elder Richard G. Scott Topic:

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland Topic:

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf Topic:

Elder Dallin H. Oaks Topic:

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin Topic:

Elder Robert D. Hales Topic:

Elder Henry B. Eyring Topic:

Elder David A. Bednar Topic: