It was a hot summer day, and I was six years old. My mom took my three sisters and me on a wonderful holiday to Hornby Island, British Columbia. The island has wonderful beaches. We collected crabs and created habitats for them to play in before we let them go at the end of the day. We built sandcastles and took bike rides.

One day I was in an inflatable tube. I wasn’t wearing a life jacket. I lay down on my tube and closed my eyes. The water gently rocked me back and forth, lulling me to sleep. I didn’t realize how quickly the wind was moving me away from the shore. When I opened my eyes, I found myself moving swiftly past a large sailboat out into the open waves. I became frightened and wondered what to do. I began to pray for help and safety. I also screamed for help. A man heard my cries and came to my rescue. He swam out and pulled me to shore. Soon I was safe in my mom’s arms. I know that Heavenly Father answered my prayers that day. Martha B., age 6 Alberta, Canada

I Love You

When I was younger, my dad was bishop for six years. Almost every Sunday I would sit with him just because I loved him. Three years ago my dad died. I am still sad, but it isn’t as hard as it used to be. I believe that my family can live together in heaven. Thank you, everybody who has helped me. I love you. I love the Friend magazine too. It is my favorite thing to read. Rebecca Rose H., age 11 Arizona

I Felt the Spirit

One time I went to see my cousin and uncle participate in a fireside about the Book of Mormon. Almost through the whole thing I felt the Spirit. Especially at the very end I felt the Spirit really, really strongly. It was telling me that the Book of Mormon is true. Zachary G., age 9 Utah

[illustration] Illustrated by Dilleen Marsh