Jesus is my Savior, for
He rescues me from me.
I’ll try to explain just how to you.
It’s very clear to see.
Heavenly Father sent me here
To learn to choose the right.
I can’t get back to live with Him
Unless I win the fight.
Each day I have to make a choice.
Some days I seem to choose
The path that leads away from Christ,
And that’s the way I lose.
But God knew that I’d need some help,
So Jesus said He’d come
And be my Savior so I can try
To be the best I can become.
And when I try to change my ways—
A better person be—
I can succeed because of Christ
Who gave His life for me.

[illustrations] Jesus Christ Portrait by Harry Anderson, © IRI, courtesy Museum of Church History and Art; The Resurrection by Harry Anderson, © IRI; Christ in Gethsemane by Harry Anderson, © IRI; The Second Coming by Harry Anderson, © IRI; Jesus Christ by Harry Anderson, © IRI