Each day I’m on the earth
There are choices I must make.
And so I look for heroes
who will show which path to take.
My heroes must be brave and strong
and always choose the right.
I need to see them serve the Lord
with all their mind and might.
I think of all the prophets
leading in the latter days,
who witness of the Savior,
always following His ways.
I know that they were chosen
long before the world began.
Their call to lead the Church was part
of Heavenly Father’s plan.
I know that I was chosen too
a while before my birth
to fill a special mission
for the Lord upon the earth.
So I try to strengthen muscles
of the spiritual kind,
I try to serve the Lord with all
my heart, my strength, my mind.
I’ll be a heavenly hero,
be all I was meant to be.
The Lord has called me, and I say,
“I want to follow Thee.”

[illustration] Illustrated by Greg Newbold