Seminary Sacrifice

This year I sometimes have had to get up at 5:45 a.m. so I could ride with my mom while she drove my sister and some others to early-morning seminary. Once we get to the church my mom and I wait in the parking lot until seminary is over, then drive the kids to school. Some days I go to school right after my mom’s car-pool duty, so I have to be super organized the night before, with my clothes all laid out and my homework all done.

Even though I’ve had to give up an hour of sleep, I’m glad I can help my sister get to seminary and also help my parents by not complaining about it. My sacrifice hasn’t been totally hard because my mom and I have played games, worked on cross-stitch, and watched the sun rise as we waited.

[photo] Paige N., age 10, California

When I Am Tempted

I went with my friend to the store, and my friend stole some candy. He asked, “Do you want some?” I said no because I knew that he had done something wrong. Because of my example, my friend put the candy back. When I was little, I was tempted to steal candy and other things that I wanted. But now when I am tempted I remember how much better I feel when I choose the right.

[photo] Joshua B., age 8, Maryland

I Didn’t Go

Someone in my class at school invited me to their birthday party. I wanted to go, but I knew I shouldn’t because it was on a Sunday. I felt good inside because I didn’t go.

[photo] Matteo C., age 5, Scotland

I Will Honor My Parents *

One night my mom was really stressed. My little sister and I had an idea. We would do all of Mom’s chores. We started by making her bed. Then we did the laundry for her. It was hard to keep it a secret. Soon we finished. When we told her, she was so happy! We were happy too. I felt the Spirit that day, and I know we chose the right.

  •   *

    See My Gospel Standards, Faith in God guidebook, back cover.

  • [photo] Mallory H., age 8, Idaho

    Scooting Over

    Last year in my fourth-grade class there was a boy whom nobody respected. At lunch our table always got really crowded, and no one would scoot over for him. I knew that this wasn’t right, so whenever he asked me to scoot over, I did. One day one of my friends asked, “Why do you always scoot over for him?” I answered, “That’s what I’d like someone to do for me.” I know that when I scooted over he appreciated it. I felt good inside too, because I believe that it was what Jesus would have done.

    [photo] Melody A., age 11, Arizona

    Good Example for Grandpa

    One summer we visited my Grandpa Joe, who is not a member of the Church. When we were beginning to eat breakfast, I said: “Wait, Grandpa Joe! We forgot to thank Heavenly Father for the food.” He looked surprised but closed his eyes while I blessed the food. I always try to be a good example for Grandpa Joe, and now when I go to his house, he waits for me to say the prayer. I know that others watch what I do, and I hope to always make Heavenly Father happy as I teach by my example.

    [photo] Julie M., age 8, British Columbia, Canada

    [illustrations] Illustrated by Thomas Hergenroether