Tithing Around the World

By Callie Buys

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    Children from around the world want to pay tithing on the money they have earned. Match the amount of money listed below with the picture of the correct amount of tithing each child should pay. (See answers below.)

    1. 60 Canadian dollars

    A. Canadian dollars

    2. 100 New Zealand dollars

    B. New Zealand dollars

    3. 70 Guatemalan Quetzals

    C. Guatemalan Quetzals

    4. 200 South African rands

    D. South African rands

    5. 600 Swedish Kronors

    E. Swedish Kronors

    6. 2000 Russian rubles

    F. Russian rubles


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    • 1E, 2A, 3F, 4D, 5C, 6B.