Bedtime Stories

Thank you for the Friend. We read it from cover to cover each month. My dad sits on the floor in our bedroom at bedtime and reads a Friend story to us almost every night until we’ve read them all. It’s great to fall asleep with good stories in my head. It helps me have good dreams. I love to read about real children my age who do what’s right. Some of the stories make me think of things in a different way than I have before. Caleb L., age 11, Utah

The Heart of Texas

For over three months we had rehearsed dances and songs for “The Heart of Texas,” a jubilee celebrating the dedication of the San Antonio Texas Temple. Now the day had finally come, and we seemed to be getting worse at the polka! About five minutes before the jubilee was to start, I told my friend Emily and our partners, Jared and Preston, that I thought we should pray for help. We did, and we made only one tiny mistake in the dance. I said many prayers of gratitude during the rest of the night.

The next day at the dedication, I could not sing the first verse of “The Spirit of God” for tears of joy. I knew then and there that President Hinckley is a prophet appointed by our Heavenly Father to help and guide us. I will be better able to share the gospel with my friends because I know with all my heart that this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Tasha H., age 12, Texas

Thankful for Prayer

I get really scared of kidnapping when I’m going to sleep. When I say my prayers I feel much better. I know Heavenly Father is watching over me. I’m thankful for prayer. Samantha B., age 10, Idaho

[illustration] Illustrated by Apryl Stott