Sunday Box:
Pencil Spin

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    This is a fun game for family home evening, or you can add it to your Sunday Box (see Friend, June 2006, 18).


    1. Cut out each square.

    2. Place the squares in a paper bag, close the bag, and shake it to mix them up.

    3. Have the players sit in a circle on the floor.

    4. Place a pencil in the center of the circle, and choose a player to spin the pencil. When the pencil stops, the person it points to draws one square from the paper bag and answers the question or does what it says. Then it is his or her turn to spin the pencil.

    Pencil spin

    Illustrated by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki; bottom: image of pencil © Nova Development

    Tell a favorite scripture story.
    Lead the group in singing your favorite Primary song.
    Tell about something nice someone has done for you.
    Explain why we celebrate Christmas.
    What is one miracle Jesus performed?
    Tell an experience you have had in trying to be like Jesus.
    What are you learning in Primary or Sunday School?
    Who visited Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove?
    Name three things you are thankful for.
    Tell something you like about the person sitting across from you.
    What is the name of our prophet today?
    Why do we take the sacrament?
    Why do we celebrate Easter?
    Tell why we are baptized.
    Tell one way you can prepare to be a full-time missionary someday.
    Give your mom or dad a hug.
    Show what you should do when a prayer is being said.
    Name three things you can do on the Sabbath.
    Name one thing the prophet has asked us to do.
    Tell one way you can honor your parents.

    Note: If you do not wish to remove pages from the magazine, this activity may be copied, traced, or printed from the Internet at Click on Gospel Library.