Canning Jars and Prophets

(Based on a true story)
For [the prophet’s] word ye shall receive as if from mine own mouth (D&C 21:5).
Picture story(click to view larger) Picture story(click to view larger)

Illustrations by Adam Koford

[Taylor] missed his older brother and sister. They were in [school]. “I wish I could go to [school] too,” he said to [Mom]. “Next year,” [Mom] told him, “when you are five years old, you [can] go to [school]. Until then, you get to [be] my helper.” [Taylor] felt better. He liked helping [Mom]. “What are we going to do?” “We are going to [can] [tomatoes],” she said. “First we have to wash our [hands].” [Taylor] stood on a [stool] and washed his [hands] at the [sink]. “Now we wash the [jars].” After [Mom] washed the [jars], [Taylor] dried them. He carefully placed the clean [jars] on the counter. [Mom] placed a big [pot] of water on the [stove] to boil. [Taylor] helped [Mom] take the stems off the [tomatoes]. Then he sat at the [table] and watched [Mom] put the [tomatoes] in the hot water and then dip them in cold water. After she peeled the [tomatoes], she placed them in the [jars]. “Why do you [can] [tomatoes] each year?” he asked. “To put in our [food] storage,” [Mom] said. “Later on we will be doing [green beans], [peaches], and [pears].” [Taylor] remembered last year when his [dad] had not worked. The family ate [food ]from their storage for three months. [Taylor] really liked the canned [peaches]. “I am glad [Dad] has a job now,” [Taylor] said. “I am too, but we still need to keep adding to our [food] storage. The [prophet] has asked every family to have a year’s supply of [food],” [Mom] said. After watching [Mom] for a while, [Taylor] was sleepy. He brought his [quilt] and [pillow] from his bedroom and lay down on the floor. When he woke up, [Mom] was putting the [jars] of [tomatoes] on a shelf. The [tomatoes] sparkled like red [jewels]. That night in family [home] evening, the family sang, “Follow the [Prophet].”* After they sang the song, [Taylor] smiled and winked at [Mom]. He knew they had followed the [prophet] today.

* Children’s Songbook, 110–11.

Follow the Prophet

At general conference President Gordon B. Hinckley tells you how much he loves you. He encourages you to be courteous and kind to your family and neighbors. If you follow the prophet, you will stand for the right and be happy. Remember these things as you read the poem and color the picture of President Gordon B. Hinckley on the next page.

President Gordon B. Hinckley(click to view larger)

Illustration by Beth M. Whittaker

President Gordon B. Hinckley

Gordon Bitner Hinckley travels o’er the earth
Making friends with kings and leaders of the world,
Dedicating temples, and waving his cane.
Standing up for righteousness honors God’s name.

[illustration] Illustration by Beth M. Whittaker

Who Am I?

Rain is not a problem.
It rolls right off my back.
If there is something I must say,
I say it with a quack.
I am a __ __ __ __.
I’m up at dawn each day
To wake the sleeping farm.
Since I crow loud and clear,
They don’t need an alarm.
I am a __ __ __ __ __ __ __.
I spend the day at pasture—
Munching grass to my delight.
I must be milked twice a day—
In the morning and at night.
I am a __ __ __.
I give wool for sweaters—
For this I must be sheared.
Without my own woolly coat,
I look a little weird.
I am a __ __ __ __ __.


[illustrations] Illustrations by Brian Bean

duck, rooster, cow, sheep