Kylie’s Kindness

I ran for the office of historian on my fifth-grade student council. When my opponent, Kylie, won I felt sad. Later Kylie slipped me a note that said nice things about me. I will always remember Kylie’s example of kindness. Sara G., age 10, Nevada

Reading Help

I’ve been reading the Book of Mormon. When I was in 2 Nephi, I was having a hard time reading. So my dad gave me a priesthood blessing. After the blessing I felt really good and I was able to finish 2 Nephi. I’m glad Heavenly Father’s real and that He hears and answers our prayers. Eden J., age 6, Washington


I’m going to turn eight years old soon, and when I turn eight I will get baptized. I’m excited. After I get baptized I know I won’t always do the right thing. But I will try very hard to choose the right and follow Heavenly Father’s commandments. And if I make bad choices I will repent. Kaylee Jo D., age 7, Utah

A Prayer for Jake

Two years ago we took our dog, Jake, with us to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for Christmas. Jake ran off right before a really bad snowstorm. My dad drove around looking for him for a couple of hours, but could not find him.

My dad called our family together and told us that Jake was lost and that we needed Heavenly Father’s help to find him. We knelt together, and my dad asked me to say the prayer. I asked Heavenly Father to let some nice people find him and take care of him and help him come home to us because we loved him.

My prayer was answered. Some nice people found him in a cow pasture. They cleaned him up and fed him. The next morning they called us, and we picked him up. Heavenly Father helped Jake stay safe as he crossed a busy road, and He led nice people to help him. I know Heavenly Father answers prayers because He answered mine. Dwight P., age 6, with help from his mom, Utah

[illustration] Illustration by Sue Todd