Trying to Be Like Jesus

By Taylor H.

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He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life (John 8:12).

The Friend would like to hear from you about an experience you have had in trying to be like Jesus. Please include a photo of yourself and your name, age, and address. A written statement signed by a parent or legal guardian granting permission to publish your photo and submission must be included. If an adult helps with your submission, credit should also be given to him or her. Submissions may be edited for length and clarity. For scheduling reasons, submissions selected may not appear in the magazine for at least a year. Ages shown are those at the time of submission. Children whose writings are submitted should be at least three years old. Due to the number of submissions received, they cannot all be published, nor can they be returned. Send it to: Trying to Be Like Jesus, Friend Magazine, 50 E. North Temple St. Rm. 2420, Salt Lake City, Utah 84150-3220, United States of America.

Good Samaritan Sledder

I went sledding with my family. We had a lot of fun. There were lots of kids on the hill. I noticed that a girl was going too fast and was going to hit the fence. As she hit the fence, I ran down the hill to help her because I knew she must be hurt. She wasn’t hurt badly but she was scared and crying. No one else was around to help her, so I helped her get off her sled and made sure she was all right. Later that night when I went to bed I had a warm feeling in my heart. I knew it was the Holy Ghost telling me I had done something good and that Heavenly Father was happy with me.

[photo] Taylor H., age 9, Utah

[illustration] Illustration by Julie F. Young

Dinosaur Decision

I love dinosaurs! I have lots of dinosaur books, toys, and pictures. There is a boy in my ward who doesn’t come to church with his family. He loves dinosaurs too, so I decided to share some of my dino books and pictures with him. But then I started feeling sad about giving away some of my things. My mom told me to think about it. When I thought about it, the Holy Ghost told me to share my dinosaur pictures and books. I gave them to my friend, and he felt happy. I felt happy too!

[photo] Ty M., age 6, Colorado

I Will Use the Names of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ Reverently*

Friends at school and in my neighborhood were saying Heavenly Father’s name in vain. I asked them to please stop. One friend was kind of mad, but the others were nice about it. I knew that Heavenly Father was happy with me. Now they don’t say Heavenly Father’s name anymore.

Another time a friend wanted to tell me a joke. I asked him if my mom could hear it. He said no. I told him he should never tell jokes like that and not to tell me. I’m glad I chose the right.

[photo] Madison C., age 7, Idaho

Sharing the Gospel

I’m trying to be like Jesus by sharing the gospel with my friends. I’m thankful to be a Latter-day Saint and I like to share what I know with other people. Sharing the gospel helps to build God’s kingdom, and that’s what Jesus did during His life.

I give out lots of pass-along cards to my friends and their families. Most of them accept them gladly, and some call in about the free gift.

My family got some extra copies of the video Finding Faith in Christ. I tried to give a copy to my second-grade teacher. She said that her husband is a minister and already had a copy! So I gave that one to another student and his parents. They said it was nice of me to share.

[photo] Gabe H., age 11, Georgia

Cold Outside, Warm Inside

It was a cold, rainy day, and my friends and I were playing kickball. One of the players was a girl who gets teased a lot and does not have many friends. She didn’t have a coat although it was raining hard. She was soaked! It looked as if she had just jumped into a swimming pool! Her nose was red and she was shivering. I felt sorry for her, so I took off my coat and let her borrow it until recess was over. Even though I was cold on the outside, I felt warm and cozy inside.

[photo] Brooke A., age 9, Washington