A Prayer for Help

It was a cold winter day at Utah Lake, and my dad and I were on the shore looking at the ice that had frozen on the water. My dog Suni got a little too curious and ran out on the lake. Suddenly the ice broke, and Suni fell into the water. We didn’t know how to get Suni back to shore. I was afraid she would drown, so I said a little prayer in my heart for help. Right then an idea came to me. I should throw rocks into the water to break the ice so Suni could swim to shore. The idea worked, and Suni swam quickly to shore. I am grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost. The Spirit guided me in saving the life of my dog. Bryson P., age 11, Utah

[illustration] Illustration by Brad Teare

The Razor

When I was taking a bath one morning I could see what I thought was a bar of soap on a shelf high above me. I reached up to grab it. Suddenly I had a strong feeling that I should not pick it up. I said to myself, “Who knows what could be up there?”

When I stood up to see what was on the shelf, I discovered that the blue and red object I had seen was not my soap but a razor. If I had grabbed it, I could have cut my hand on the sharp edge. The Holy Ghost warned me, and because I listened I wasn’t hurt. Christina G., age 8, Missouri

Birthday Visit

Last July our family had the opportunity of attending Philmont Scout Camp in New Mexico where my dad was receiving training. During that week I celebrated my 10th birthday. Shortly after my family and new friends had sung “Happy Birthday” and I had blown out the candles, Sister Cheryl Lant, the Primary general president, who was also participating in the training, came in with her husband. Sister Lant said, “I heard that someone was having a birthday!” They stayed and enjoyed cake with us and visited. It was fun to have Sister Lant take time from her busy schedule to come and wish one of her Primary children a happy birthday. Katelyn B., age 10, Utah