Taking Care of Mommy

And be ye kind one to another (Ephesians 4:32).
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Illustrations by Val Chadwick Bagley

When Daddy came home, Marie opened the door for him. “Mommy went to bed,” Marie said. “Oh dear, let’s go see what’s wrong,” Daddy said. Mommy coughed and sniffled and blew her nose. “I have a cold, and there is a frog in my throat,” she said. “You sound hoarse,” Daddy said. “I had better go to the store for some medicine. Then I will make supper.” Daddy got in the car and drove away. Marie waved good-bye from the window. “I want to help take care of Mommy too,” Marie said. “What can I do? I know! I can make supper.” Marie spread peanut butter on one slice of bread. Then she spread jam on another slice of bread. She put the sandwich on a plate and took it to Mommy. “Supper in bed!” Mommy said. “Thank you, honey. You are a good cook.” “You are welcome,” Marie said with a big smile. “Now I have to get busy and make two more sandwiches—one for Daddy and one for me!”

Surprise Door Hanger

To make a door hanger, you will need: an 8 1/2 x 11-inch (22 x 28-cm) piece of paper; a paper-towel tube; tape or glue; colored markers, crayons, or stickers; a pen (optional); a hole punch; scissors; curling ribbon; small wrapped candies or a small gift that will fit in the tube; and tissue paper.

1. Wrap the paper around the tube and tape or glue it in place. Decorate the paper using markers, crayons, or stickers. If desired, print a message such as “I Love You, Mom,” “Happy Birthday,” or “Thank You” on the tube and sign it.

2. Decide where the top of your tube is and punch one hole near the top edge at both ends. Cut two 20-inch (51-cm) lengths of ribbon. Thread a piece of ribbon through a hole and tie it in a knot to the tube (see illustration). Repeat for the other side. Tie the ribbons together in a bow for hanging (see illustration).

Surprise Door Hanger

Illustration by Val Chadwick Bagley

3. Punch two holes equal distance apart around the edge of the tube at both ends. Cut different lengths of ribbon. Thread several ribbons through each punched hole and tie in a knot to the tube (see illustration).

4. Place the wrapped candies or gift inside the tube. Stuff each end of the tube with tissue paper. Hang the gift on the door of the person you wish to surprise.

Polka-dot Sandwiches

Polka-dot Sandwiches

Illustration by Val Chadwick Bagley

Bread + peanut butter + raisins = open-faced sandwich Bread + cream cheese spread + dried cranberries = open-faced sandwich

Five Little Nephites

One little Nephite writes a book. (Show one finger, then open hands to look like a book.)

Two little Nephites take a look. (Show two fingers, then make a circle with thumb and fingers on each hand and use them to look like binoculars.)

Three little Nephites on a boat. (Show three fingers, then put one hand flat with the other hand upright on it to look like a sail.)

Four little Nephites see them float. (Show four fingers, then put the four fingers on the palm of the other hand.)

Five little Nephites hand in hand, (Show five fingers, then hold and shake your own hand.)

Make their home in the promised land. (Use your fingers to form a pointed roof, then put both hands on your heart.)

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Illustration by Val Chadwick Bagley

Who Caught the Fish?

These sisters and brother are enjoying fishing together. But their fishing lines have gotten tangled. Follow the strings to see who caught the fish.

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Illustration by Val Chadwick Bagley