Easter Prayer

On the day before Easter I rode my bike to my great-grandpa’s house for an Easter egg hunt. I found 26 eggs. It was fun. After the hunt, I played army games with all my cousins and brothers. I climbed into the barn hayloft to spy. I walked across a beam and slipped off. I landed on the lawn mower below. It hurt, but I only got a few scratches. I know that Heavenly Father protected me from getting badly hurt because every morning my family prays that we will be safe. Heavenly Father answered our prayer, and I am thankful. Jayden K., age 9, Idaho

A Friendly Gift

In the Friend I read about a girl who gave the scriptures to her schoolteacher. I thought about it and decided that I wanted to do the same thing. I told my mom, and the next day I wrapped up the scriptures and took them to school. When I gave them to my teacher I felt a good feeling in my heart. It came from the Holy Ghost. Julia W., age 7, California

Together in Primary

While we lived in Puerto Rico for nine months, my whole family was in Primary together. My mom was in the presidency, my dad was a teacher, and the six children were students. It was fun, but it won’t be that way again because I am going on to Young Women.

Thank you for the Friend. My whole family loves to read it. We wish you could send a copy every single day! Bekki B., age 11 (second from left), Utah

I Love the Friend

I love the Friend. The greatest thing about it is that both young and old can read it. I’m 12 and in Young Women. While I read the New Era and other Church books, I still remain faithful to the Friend. I’m happy to see Matt and Mandy back. Demi S., age 12, California